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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ind. Courts - Franklin Circuit Judge writes for trial management benchbook

John Estridge, editor of the Brookville American-Democrat, has a long story today about Judge Clay Kellerman’s chapter in a new bench book. A sample:

Kellerman was placed on a committee chaired by an Indiana Supreme Court Justice, Brent Dickson and made up of 11 judges from across the state. Dickson is now the chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court after the retirement of Randall Shepard.

“Our task was to look into everything regarding juries,” Kellerman said. “Whether its jury pool selection, jury orientation, jury management, high-profile case, just everything and anything that could come up,” Kellerman said.

According to Kellerman, he was surprised one did not already exist regarding juries.

There are eight chapters in the book and Kellerman wrote a chapter on trial management.

“It deals with everything that could happen or a judge or the judge’s staff could face day of trial, shortly before trial or during trial,” Kellerman said. “Everything from how to deal with preliminary motions, how many jurors are seated in a particular kind of case, how many challenges each party would have. Just anything and everything one could face day of trial both criminal and civil.”

After reading this, the ILB looked for Indiana court benchbooks, without a great deal of success.

There is this page on the Indiana Courts site with several benchbooks, including:

Some links do not work.

Using a general search, I also located the following:

I also found some committees, but without associated the benchbooks:This Jury Committee appears to be the one on which Judge Kellerman serves. But there is no mention of a deskbook, much less a link.

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