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Monday, October 15, 2012

Ind. Courts - Here are the results of the ISBA Judicial Retention Evaluation

Supplementing the Judicial Retention 2012 website, the ISBA has just this afternoon released the results of its ISBA Judicial Retention Evaluation - a poll of members' opinions of the appellate judges standing for retention this November. Here is the summary:

The yes/no retention results of the justices and judges (with their swearing-in dates) are as follows:

Justice Robert D. Rucker (Nov. 19, 1999): Y-87.8%; N-12.2%; 1,388 votes cast

Justice Steven H. David (Oct. 18, 2010): Y-81.0%; N-19.0%; 1,377 votes cast

Judge John G. Baker (June 2, 1989): Y-83.6%; N-16.4%; 1,356 votes cast

Judge Nancy H. Vaidik (Feb. 7, 2000): Y-86.4%; N-13.6%; 1,337 votes cast

Judge Paul D. Mathias (March 30, 2000): Y-88.9%; N-11.1%; 1,302 votes cast

Judge Michael P. Barnes (May 22, 2000): Y-87.3%; N-12.7%; 1,302 votes cast
Remember, these numbers represent the opinions of about 1,350 members of the Indiana bar who are also members of the State Bar Association. Of the 9,342 members polled, nearly 1,400 cast ballots.

The ISBA news release is here.

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