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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ind. Decisions - "Indiana high school agrees to move girls basketball games to 'prime time'"

This Jan. 31, 2012 ILB post began "The girls prevail to fight on another day!" The post quoted from Circuit Judge Tinder's opinion that day in Amber Parker v. Franklin Comm. Schools.

This ILB post the following day quoted from an Indianapolis Star story by Nat Newell, headed "U.S. appeals court overturns dismissal of gender-discrimination suit on Indiana high school sports."

Today the same reporter has a new story, headed "Indiana high school agrees to move girls basketball games to 'prime time.'" Some quotes:

Facing a Title IX lawsuit, Franklin County High School has agreed to increase the number of girls basketball games played in "prime time" over the next three years to match the boys' total.

Franklin County girls basketball coach Amber Parker filed a suit against Franklin County and the 13 schools on its schedule on behalf of her daughter, Jayde, because the team was not playing as many games in prime time -- defined as a game held prior to a day without school.

Title IX is the 1972 federal statute that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender by institutions that receive federal money.

William Groth, an attorney who represented Parker and Tammy Hurley -- who filed an identical suit when Parker moved out of state -- said in an e-mail the decision "sent a clear message" to lower courts and athletic directors.

"Title IX requires equality in all phases of high school athletics, including the scheduling of athletic contests," Groth said. "Female student-athletes will now have the promise of equal access to prime time scheduling on Fridays and Saturdays when attendance is greatest and disruption to academics is least." * * *

According to a consent decree filed with the 7th Circuit, Franklin County will schedule at least two more girls games in prime time each of the next three seasons. It's unclear the extent to which the boys schedule will change.

Mr. Groth reports that he and counsel Mark Sniderman:
... engaged in protracted settlement discussions with defendants beginning in May which eventually led to the consent decree and settlement. Magistrate Hussmann presided over those negotiations.
Here is a copy of the 4-page consent decree.

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