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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ind. Gov't. - "2013 budget OK'd for Clark County"

From a report by Charlie White in the Louisville Courier Journal:

County government has been in a fiscal crisis for more than two years, and it was sued in 2011 by the county’s judges and sheriff, who sought money to keep their departments operating through the end of last year. Settlements in those suits totaled more than $4.2 million.

No such mandates have been handed down this year, and council members have said they hope to avoid more costly court battles, even though they know it’s a good possibility again this year.

“Each department is state-mandated to be funded, and over half of those departments have the authority to seek a court mandate for funding,” Lenfert said.

Earlier this year, the county appealed to the Indiana Tax Court, asking it to overturn a Department of Local Government Finance decision in late 2010 that rejected a special property tax increase the county requested to solve the budget problems created by the council’s 2007 decision that resulted in a $2.7 million reduction in property taxes.

The question to the court centers on whether it was an intentional council decision to ease the burden on taxpayers or if it was a mistake by council members who didn’t realize the financial impact.

County Council attorney Scott Lewis said the county had a hearing in February, but the Tax Court hasn’t yet ruled in the case.

See also this ILB entry from Jan. 21, 2012.

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