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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Ind. Courts - Unofficial results of Supreme and Appellate retention votes

Here are the results from the SOS site, last updated November 7, 2012 (02:31 AM).

District Question Yes No
Statewide Shall Justice Steven H. David be retained in office? 1019186   459691  
Shall Justice Robert D. Rucker be retained in office? 1044525   418296  

Total vote for J. David - 1,478,877. % YES = 68.9%

Total vote for J. Rucker - 1,462,821. % YES = 71.4%

Compare these with this Table of Indiana Supreme Court Retention Votes from prior years. J. Rucker's 71.4% is topped only by J. Sullivan's 72.6% in 2006. J. David's 68.9% bests CJ Shepard's 68.2% in 2008.

In the Court of Appeals table that follows, remember that the 5th District encompasses the entire state.

District Question Yes No
First District Shall Judge John G. Baker be retained in office? 371245   143814  
Third District Shall Judge Michael P. Barnes be retained in office? 311698   114582  
Shall Judge Paul D. Mathias be retained in office? 312352   112576  
Fifth District Shall Judge Nancy H. Vaidik be retained in office? 1082600   386626  

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