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Friday, November 16, 2012

Ind. Courts - "Who placed an audio recording of a Marion County Superior Court hearing onto YouTube?"

Amos Brown III asks in the Nov. 15th Indianapolis Recorder:

What I’m hearing in the streets

Who placed an audio recording of a Marion County Superior Court hearing onto YouTube? Speculation focuses on one of the plaintiffs in a hearing Oct. 22 that tried to strike President Obama’s name off the Indiana election ballot.

Dr. Orly Taitz, the noted anti-Obama “birther” activist, was suing the state to get the president’s name off the ballot. A hearing in Judge S.K. Reid’s court was Taitz and her five other plaintiffs’ opportunity to make their case.

They failed. Judge Reid ruled in favor of the state. But audio of the two hour plus hearing was posted onto YouTube Nov. 1. Publicizing audio of Indiana Superior Court proceedings is a violation of judicial rules and Indiana law. Those involved could lose their law licenses or be prosecuted.

Court officials are investigating this serious breach of legal ethics by a group that seemingly doesn’t want to follow any rules of law unless it helps their goal of belittling the elected president of the United States.

On Nov. 14th there was this post on the California-based Defend Our Freedoms Foundation, c/o Dr. Orly Taitz website, headed "Court reporter for Judge Reid legally sold the parties and attorneys the audio tape of the proceedings for $25 for each hearing."
There are some insane rumors going on.

Nobody has done any illegal recordings in Judge Reid courtroom.

The only thing that was told by Judge Reid during the hearing that she does not allow video recording and she does not allow cameras in the courtroom. There was no video recording and no cameras in the courtroom.

After each hearing the clerk for Judge Reid legally sold to the parties and attorneys the audio tape of the hearing for $25 and she gave a receipt.

I am intending to file an appeal of judge Reid’s decision to vacate trial and to dismiss the case after witnesses testified to forgery in Obama’s birth certificate and there was no rebuttal from the Attorney General.

I forwarded an audio tape of witness testimony in Reid trial to other judges, including Judge Wingate in Mississippi. Other judges should hear what transpired there.

Nobody ever violated any orders by Judge Reid. The only order she gave, was no video and no cameras.

Somebody, a third party, uploaded on you tube an audio tape, which was legally recorded by the court itself and was legally sold by the court itself, by the court reporter Julie, to a number of people.

A reader sent the ILB both of the above ...

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