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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Ind. Gov't. - More on: "RFP to replace legislative systems"

This July 23rd ILB post discussed the the Indiana Legislative Services Agency RFP, issued July 9th:

seeking a qualified vendor to provide business analysis, system analysis, software design, software development, software testing, and system integration services to replace existing legislative information systems.
What is the current status of this project?

LSA entered into a contract with Propylon, Inc., on October 3, 2012. Here is a copy. The total dollar contractual amount is $ $4,462,000. It will take several years to implement.

In addition, here is the meat of the contract; the following are the documents referred to in the Scope of Work section of the contract:

(1) Project Plan;

(2) Output Documents (a) scenarios_outputs_lsa (b) scenarios_outputs_chm (c) output_priorities_lsa (d) output_gathering_chamber;

(3) Project Milestone Schedule with the last page (concerning methodology trade secrets) deleted; and

(4) Propylon’s RFP Response with the following deleted: (a) Section 4 (contains methodology trade secrets); (b) Appendix A (contains detailed personnel information including specific salaries); and (c)Appendix E (contains confidential financial information).

Here are some recently updated legislative websites from other states:Of the four, North Dakota appears to have been a Propylon client. Here is a list of their clients.

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