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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ind. Courts - Glitches with the Clerk of the Courts' email notification system?

A reader writes:

Have you received any complaints from attorneys about the apparently dysfunctional or non-functioning email notification system put into place a while ago by the Indiana Supreme and Appellate Courts?

Recently the COA issued an opinion in one of my cases. I received no email or other same-day notification and learned of it only by reading your blog. In the past I’d receive email notification or at least a same-day fax copy of a decision but even that is no longer being done.

In some recent instances I haven’t received notice of a court ruling for several days until it arrived in the mail. This delayed notification raises the distinct possibility that a client could initially learn of a decision through the media before counsel had received notification from the Court, especially in a high-profile case.

It sure seems as if the early notification system that was once in place is no longer operational. I wonder if you’ve heard of other attorneys having similar experiences.

From a second reader:
Yesterday I called the Clerk's office because I have a CHINS appeal going, and it showed up nowhere on the appellate docket. I tried putting in the lower court cause number - nothing. My last name yielded nothing either. And I had no appellate cause number because all that had been filed was the NOA.

So I talked to a deputy clerk, who said that for some reason I was not put on the system as the attorney. That still didn't explain why I couldn't get it to pull up with the lower court cause number, but whatever.

She asked me if I received an email notification to verify my address, and I said I had not (I have not received one of those in months). She mentioned that the system was not working properly. She then put me on the docket as the attorney of record, and I still received nothing by way of email.

More from the second reader:
I received an email notification of an Order from the COA. So it seems to be working OK now, at least for orders...

Posted by Marcia Oddi on January 23, 2013 06:33 PM
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