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Monday, January 07, 2013

Courts - "Michigan Supreme Court Justice Hathaway to retire amid scandal"

This ILB post January 3rd quoted a report in the Detroit Free Press that:

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Kelly leaves office Tuesday after 16 years on the state's top court, much of that time in the minority responding to opinions set by the conservative majority. * * *

Kelly, 74, is not hanging up her black robe by choice. The state Constitution bars judicial candidates over the age of 70 from running for office. * * *

University of Michigan law professor Bridget McCormack, who was endorsed by Democrats, won a seat in the Nov. 6 election and will replace Kelly on Tuesday.

It's not Tuesday yet, but this afternoon we learn, per this story by Paul Eagan in the Free Press, that:
Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway announced today she will retire from the bench Jan. 21 after the Judicial Tenure Commission filed a formal complaint calling for her immediate suspension from the bench for alleged “blatant and brazen violations” of judicial conduct rules the commission said were “unprecedented in Michigan judicial disciplinary history.” * * *

Hathaway’s pending retirement means Gov. Rick Snyder will be able to name her replacement, increasing the GOP majority on the court to 5-2 from 4-3. * * *

The Hathaway scandal is the biggest controversy to rock the state’s highest court since 1975, when former Michigan Supreme Court Justice John Swainson was indicted by a federal grand jury and later convicted of perjury.

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