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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Environment - "Birds at risk from growing wind power in Indiana: Indiana has avoided extensive bird kills, but lack of regulations may add to risk"

That is the headline to this front-page story by Bill McCleery in the Jan. 13, 2013 Indianapolis Star. The story begins:

Indiana is home to one of the world's single largest concentrations of wind turbines.

But all of those giant rotors -- about 700 standing among the corn and soybeans along I-65 in Benton County -- do more than harness energy from the wind.

They also can kill birds.

"During migration, birds are traveling long distances, often at night," said Brad Bumgardner, president of the Indiana Audubon Society and an interpretive naturalist with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

"Birds migrating at night simply don't see these spinning blades."

So far, wind farms in Indiana have avoided the extensive bird kills documented in other states, most notably Maryland and California, but Bumgardner and other local naturalists are concerned about the turbines' continuing development here and the lack of strong regulations to protect birds.

Developers face virtually no federal regulations aimed at preventing bird deaths at wind farms, said Kelly Fuller, wind campaign coordinator for the Washington, D.C.-based American Bird Conservancy.

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