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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - More on: State Board of Accounts raises questions in LaGrange County audit report

Updating this Jan. 9th ILB entry, a special prosecutor has now been named.

It is currently quite difficult to learn news from LaGrange County. Here is the beginning of a story by Matt Getts from KPCNews.com, "serving the NE Indiana Community" - the rest requires a subscription. The snippet:

LAGRANGE — A special prosecutor will look into a State Board of Accounts 2010 audit involving the LaGrange County Commissioners and the county’s attorney.

LaGrange County Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Wible asked for a special prosecutor be named. Superior Court Judge George Brown signed an order Tuesday morning naming former Vandenburgh County Prosecuting Attorney Stan Levco of Evansville to the case....

This story by Tim Murray appeared briefly on the WTHD 105.5 website, which provides a rolling summary of the news:
LAGRANGE – Another special prosecutor will review a state audit that accused LaGrange County Commissioners of misfeasance in their handling of a land transaction.

LaGrange Superior Court George Brown appointed former Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Stan Levco of Evansville to conduct a review of the report and determine if any criminal laws were broken.

With Evansville being as far away from LaGrange County as you can get in Indiana, LaGrange County Prosecutor Jeff Wible says Levco will have no connections to him or anyone else in the county.

The State Board of Accounts audit for 2010 accused the commissioners of failing to get county council approval of transactions involving the Lambright Trust property. County Attorney Kurt Bachman was trustee of the trust, and the audit claims Bachman's conflict of interest disclosure in the matter was deficient.

The county responded with a team of attorneys from Fort Wayne and Indianapolis saying the transactions were between the trust and Bachman, not the county, and so the laws cited by the Board of Accounts did not apply.

Former Steuben County Prosecutor Tom Wilson was appointed as a special prosecutor in 2011 to review the Lambright transaction. Wilson filed a report with LaGrange Circuit Court saying his investigation determined there was no criminal activity in the matter.

Wible sought a second review because the audit report contained additional information not available in 2011.

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