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Monday, January 28, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - Replace "Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee" (ROEC) with "Eliminate, Reduce, and Streamline Employee Regulation Committee" (ERASER)?

The ILB had a number of posts last year under the heading "Hairdressers may have killed bill that would eliminate licensing." From the Jan. 29, 2012 entry:

This Jan. 26th 2012 ILB entry pointed out that this review group is not an interim committee, but an independent, permanent, staffed, Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee (ROEC), created by the General Assembly in 2010 to review and evaluate each regulated occupation at least every seven years.

In the past the General Assembly has enacted similar laws providing that not only state agency rules, but state agency programs and even the agencies themselves will expire unless they are readopted every seven years. These laws are generally impractical to implement in practice (for instance, many environmental rules are amended continually, so how do you determine review dates?) and review quickly becomes cursory, pushed-forward, or worse.

"Or worse" happened last year with the state's massive FSSA, which was allowed to go out of existence by oversight. There were many stories about that at the time. But as the ILB pointed in this July 10, 2011 entry:

Four years ago, at the end of 2007, the very same FSSA laws expired and apparently no one noticed! There was no statutory basis for the FSSA for months, until the laws were restored, retroactively, by actions of the 2008 General Assembly.
With this newest, 2010 law, at least the agencies do not expire automatically. But the legislature has already lost interest, while the law will continue to require review and action. Next year, the committee's recommendations re real estate, auctioneer, and plumbing occupation requirements, to name only a few, will be before the General Assembly. And the following year, a new group, etc. As the FWJG opines today: "[L]awmakers really need to decide whether the committee it created should continue evaluating all of the state’s 35 licensing boards." Or is the 2010 review law itself a waste of time and money?
This year a bill has been introduced (SB 520) to repeal IC 25-1-16, the current "Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee" (ROEC), and replace it with the "Eliminate, Reduce, and Streamline Employee Regulation Committee" (ERASER).

Here is the current committee's webpage, and its schedule of upcoming meetings. These minutes from its most recent meeting give a good idea of what it is about.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on January 28, 2013 08:39 AM
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