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Friday, January 11, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - Who speaks for Indiana at the federal level?

Attorney General Zoeller has just issued a press release headed "Zoeller appoints deputy attorney general to serve in Washington, D.C." Some quotes:

Citing the growth in federal government activity that impacts Indiana government that the state must monitor, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller today announced that he will assign a deputy attorney general to serve in the nation’s capital in Washington, D.C.

Deputy Attorney General Richard M. Bramer will work with members of Indiana’s congressional delegation to monitor and review bills moving through Congress and proposed regulations moving through federal agencies. The deputy AG will advise the Attorney General’s Office of upcoming issues so that the State of Indiana can make its position known and recommend action if necessary. And he will seek opportunities for state government to provide testimony to committees and regulatory agencies.

“Lobbyists and special interest groups live in Washington and have regular access to Congress and they often work to undercut the authority of state governments and centralize the authority of the federal government by claiming the states are only a ‘crazy-quilt patchwork’ of inconsistent jurisdictions. From my own experience I know that a physical presence at the Capitol succeeds better in dealing with the federal government than sending a letter,” Zoeller said.

Also this session two bills, SB 36 and HB 1033, have been introduced to "permit the AG to employ deputies or assistants to review and monitor federal legislation and other actions that may affect Indiana, and provides that the deputies or assistants may take actions that the attorney general finds necessary to address the legislation or other actions. Provides that the deputies or assistants may reside in or around Washington, D.C."

The ILB has commented before on whether it is the Governor, or the Attorney General, who should define the State's legal and policy positions:

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