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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Law - New York Legislature Restricts Access to Gun Permit Data"

Recall this ILB entry from Dec. 26th, headed "A suburban New York newspaper is under fire from conservatives and gun rights advocates after publishing the names and addresses - and a locator map of people who possess pistol permits in several suburban counties." The ILB entry pointed out that when several Indiana newspaper in 2010 published some information about gun permits in their circulation areas, but did not include names and addresses, only general information about gun permits by race, gender, age and ZIP Code, the General Assembly responded by passing a law closing off from public access records of permits to carry handguns.

A similar thing has now happened in New York. From a story today in the NY Times, reported by Christine Haughney:

New York State’s new gun law seeks to restrict ownership of certain weapons. But it also restricts something else: access to previously public information about gun permits.

The new law, passed on Tuesday, requires that, for the next 120 days, no information about gun permit holders in a new statewide gun registration database is made available publicly, according to Robert Freeman, the executive director of the State Committee on Open Government. After that, gun permit holders will have the right to have their names and addresses removed from the database by contacting their local county clerks or police departments.

Legislators rushed to include this protection in its gun regulation proposal after the suburban newspaper The Journal News published on Dec. 23 the names and addresses of gun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland Counties, and put online a map showing the locations of the gun permit holders.

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