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Monday, February 25, 2013

Ind. Courts - Do you have to have been a judge to be named a senior judge?

The details of Indiana's senior judge program are set out at the end of this ILB post from Feb. 15th. Administrative Rule 5(B)(3) discusses the qualifications for senior judge status. The answer to whether you have to have been a judge to be named a senior judge is in Rule 5(b)(3) at (a), which provides that the Judicial Nominating Commission is required to certify that the person:

(i) has served in their judicial capacity for at least four (4) years and
(ii) at least one of those years was within five (5) years of the application or, in the event the four years of service was more than five (5) years prior to the application, has served at least thirty (30) days as a senior judge during a calendar year within five (5) years of the application;
except that the Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission may, upon the finding of exceptional circumstances, waive the foregoing criteria and certify a senior judge with less service than specified above;
This biography from her firm page states that Lisa Traylor-Wolff, the subject of this ILB post from earlier today, "is a former Superior Court Judge for Pulaski County."

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