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Monday, February 25, 2013

Ind. Courts - More on: Changes proposed to automated record keeping fee used by the Court to fund JTAC project

Updating this ILB entry from earlier today, the Courthouse News Service had an interesting story on Feb. 22nd, reported by Maria Dinzeo, an update on California's efforts to install a single case management system in its courts. The long story begins:

(CN) - Rising out of the ashes of a failed IT system for California's trial courts, three private companies have been chosen as premier providers in the lucrative business of selling software to the far-flung courts of the biggest state in the nation.

The move to private vendors comes in the aftermath of the crash-and-burn of a half-billion-dollar, publically funded software project driven by the Administrative Office of the Courts, the central bureaucracy that sits above the trial courts.

Called the Court Case Management System, the software was abandoned last year after a host of courts rejected it as cumbersome, labor intensive and crash-prone. In addition, state legislators were highly critical of the project's daily drain of hundreds of thousands of dollars from public coffers.

Sacramento Superior Court -- one of the few courts that installed CCMS only to became a leading critic of the software -- announced last week that three private companies have qualified to sell what is likely to be many millions of dollars-worth of case management programming to California's 58 trial courts.

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