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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ind. Courts - Some general principles regarding Indiana grand juries

Re grand jury transcripts, as referenced today in this post, I asked Joel Schumm, professor at Indiana University's Robert H. McKinney School of Law for a little information about grand juries.

Prof. Schumm responded that the Indiana Supreme Court has summarized general principles regarding grand juries (in Hinojosa v. State, 2003) as follows:

At the outset, we note that the general rule regarding grand jury transcripts is that they be kept secret. Ind. Code § 35-34-2-4(i) (1998). See footnote Indiana does not even recognize an absolute right of the accused to the pre-trial examination of grand jury minutes. Blackburn v. State, 260 Ind. 5, 291 N.E.2d 686 (1973), cert. denied, Blackburn v. Indiana, 412 U.S. 925, 93 S. Ct. 2755 (1973); Mahoney v. State, 245 Ind. 581, 201 N.E.2d 271 (1964), overruled on other grounds by Antrobus v. State, 253 N.E.2d 873 (Ind. 1970). In fact, it is a criminal offense to “knowingly and intentionally” disclose information acquired in a grand jury proceeding unless compelled by law. Ind. Code § 35-34-2-10(a) (1998).

However, the Legislature has created an exception to the general rule of secrecy by granting trial judges the discretion to release evidence in certain circumstances where a “particularized need” can be shown. See Ind. Code § 35-34-2-10(b) (1998).

He continued: I don't know about other counties, but the Local Rules in Marion County require the prosecutor to disclose:
(3) A transcript of those portions of grand jury minutes containing testimony of persons whom the prosecuting attorney intends to call as witnesses at the hearing or trial.

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