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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ind. Law - General Assembly adds new, improved word search tool, plus a look at future plans

New Search Tool. Access it from the General Assembly's main page, choose "Advanced Search." It allows very sophisticated searches across the entire Indiana Code and other documents.

Future Plans for GA Website. Recall this ILB post from Dec. 4, 2012, re the General Assembly's (LSA's) plans to replace existing legislative information systems.

The ILB has learned from the LSA of its plans to replace the existing site's API (application programming interface). Here is a notice LSA is sending out to those who may be affected - I've volunteered to post it here on the ILB:

Beginning December 2013, the Indiana General Assembly will have a redesigned website.

As part of this redesign, third party developers will be provided information on how to access legislative information using a RESTian API. The API will be published in June, 2013, and will provide a platform for testing sample documents.

If you would like to be notified when the API is available please send a request to bamos@iga.in.gov.

(ILB: Re what is a "RESTian API," it is a web API that facilitates sharing content and data between communities and applications. See Wikipedia entries on API and REST.)

The ILB plans to write next week on how these changes potentially may affect you and I as end users. For instance, as of now it is likely the new API will not be designed to preserve or redirect to existing links. So links to bills, Code cites, and the like in past posts of the ILB, as well as links in court opinions, briefs, and other documents, will be broken. There may be other ramifications; these are the first that come to mind. Thoughts?

Another change I'm told is being considered is dropping the HTML version of bills and perhaps the HTML version of the Indiana Code, leaving only PDF. The ILB has some problems with the impact of this change, which I will spell out next week. Again, thoughts from readers? LSA is giving us an opportunity to point out potential issues before the fact.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on February 22, 2013 01:28 PM
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