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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ind. Courts - "Jury consultants looking to expand"

Carrie Ritchie of the Indianapolis Star has a long story in the paper's business section that told me a lot I didn't know about the business of jury consulting. A few quotes:

Litigation consultants have earned some recognition for their role in the acquittals of famous defendants such as O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony. But for all the publicity surrounding those cases, what consultants do remains somewhat clandestine.

They charge thousands of dollars, putting their help out of reach for many attorneys who don’t handle high-profile civil and criminal cases. But they are trying to convince attorneys that even the most affordable services can make a big difference in a case, paving the way for growth in the highly specialized though little-known industry.

For attorneys in some prominent Indiana cases, the consultants’ services have been worth the expense.

When grocery executive Don Marsh was sued by his former company for inappropriate spending, his attorney hired a litigation consultant. The company sought $7 million. A federal jury awarded $2.2 million.

When Indianapolis real estate broker John M. Bales and attorney William E. Spencer faced federal fraud charges involving a real estate deal with the Department of Child Services, Bales’ attorney used a litigation consultant to help pick the jury. The jury found both men not guilty.

“Some lawyers say they don’t go to the courtroom with out a rule book,” said Indianapolis attorney Larry Mackey, who represented Bales. “I say I don’t go to court without a trial consultant these days.”

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