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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Ind. courts - Suit claims "BMV Indiana overcharged millions of Hoosiers for driver's licenses"

Tim Evans story this morning at IndyStar.com also includes a link to the 20-page complaint. From the story:

The class action complaint filed by Irwin B. Levin of the Indianapolis law firm Cohen & Malad seeks a return of the alleged overcharges to individuals across the state.

The lawsuit alleges the BMV charged drivers under the age of 75 from $4 to $7 more that Indiana law allows when they obtained or renewed licenses.

“There is specific authority for how much they can charge and what they did instead was, apparently, just made up a number,” said Levin. “They just disregarded it.”

Levin said he did not know how much Hoosiers were overcharged.

“The state is going to have to give us that,” he said. “But based on our calculations, the number could be as high as $30 or $40 million.” * * *

Drivers currently are charged $21 for a six-year licnese, $19.50 for a five-year license and $18 for a four-year license. The suit says the maximum the BMV is allowed to charge under Indiana law, however, is $15 for a six-year license, $13.50 for a five-year licenes and $14 for a four-year license.

“They would have to go through the proper legal process and allow public comment or go through the legislature to raise fees,” he explained.

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