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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - "That official is making how much? Public worker salaries on state databases"

Margaret Fosmoe's story today in the South Bend Tribune introduces a new and comprehensive:

... searchable database [that] lists 2012 employee salary data for counties, cities, towns, townships, public school corporations, charter schools, public colleges and universities, districts and many other governmental units.

Do you wonder how much the mayor or the county sheriff earns? It's listed there.

Curious about how much is being spent on administrative salaries at area school districts or public colleges? That's there, too.

Want to find out how many employees work for your public library district? You can look it up in this database.

Called the Indiana Gateway, the website is at: gateway.ifionline.org.

The Indiana Gateway is provided by Indiana's Department of Local Government Finance, the State Board of Accounts and the Indiana Business Research Center at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. The site includes extensive data on budgets, annual financial reports, debt management and other financial topics.

The Gateway started in 2006 and has been growing. This is the first year all units of government were required by Jan. 31 to electronically file Gateway 100R reports, which list the name, job title and salary of each employee during the previous year. The salary data then is electronically posted to the searchable Gateway website.

In the past, members of the news media and the public generally had to file access to public records requests and wait several days or weeks to obtain public employee salary information. * * *

Indiana residents won't find salaries for the governor, state legislators, judges and other state agency workers listed on the Gateway website. [ILB: But see below.]

Those salaries are available online elsewhere, on the Indiana Transparency Portal website: www.in.gov/itp.

ILB: There does appear to be at least some overlap, the ILB did find at least one legislator listed - the Indiana Gateway results showed both his legislative salary and his salary from IU-McKinney Law School.

With a little effort, the ILB found another legislator who had listed his name somewhat differently as legislator and as a VP at Ivy Tech.

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