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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ind. Courts - "Wendy Owings apologies to Marilyn Behrman at John Myers' hearing"

That is the headline of the story today presenting more comprehensive coverage of the John Myers PCR hearing, reported by Laura Lane of the Bloomington Herald-Times. From far into the story:

Former FBI agent Tony Siedl testified Wednesday morning, confirming other police officers who said Owings and Sowders had “made a lot of statements” to people implicating themselves. One of them was Owings’ mother, Terri Magness, who testified Wednesday afternoon. “She got mad at me one night and said she was gonna kill my dog like she did Jill.” Magness said she believed her daughter was speaking the truth.

Another was Kimberly Enochs, who served time with Owings at the Morgan County Jail and the Indiana Women’s Prison. “She said they were in a vehicle that hit her, that they were all messed up and when the truck hit her it didn’t kill her,” Enochs testified.

Morgan Superior Court Judge Thomas Gray was furious when he learned that Enochs and [Wendy] Owings had violated a separation of witnesses order by spending much of Tuesday afternoon seated in the hallway outside the courtroom, catching up and discussing their upcoming testimony. Wednesday afternoon, Owings said Enochs apologized for what she would be saying about her in court. The judge chastised Murray and Green for waiting until late in the day to inform their witnesses they could not speak to one another about the case.

“I made sure I always told my witnesses to keep their damn mouths shut, and made sure it happened,” said Gray, who took a 10-minute break to cool off. “I don’t understand why you would jeopardize four years of work.”

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