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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ind. Law - "Abortion restriction bill passes Indiana House: Bill could lead to Lafayette Planned Parenthood clinic no longer dispensing abortion-inducing drugs"

Here is Mary Beth Schneider's story on yesterday's action. It begins:

A bill that would block at least one Indiana clinic from dispensing abortion-inducing drugs passed the House today on a vote of 70 to 26, likely sending the measure to Gov. Mike Pence.

Sen. Travis Holdman, the Markle Republican who authored the bill, said he is “inclined” to go along with changes made in the House and send the bill directly to the governor. Those include the removal of any mandate that a woman have an ultrasound before an abortion.

Rep. Sharon Negele, the Attica Republican who sponsored the bill in the House, said physicians already do an ultrasound to determine the fetal age and whether any medical problems exist.

Holdman, in a statement, said: “My objective with this bill was to enact prudent safety regulations for abortion-inducing drugs and the clinics that offer them. These have previously not been regulated by our state, and I believe that places women’s lives at risk.”

Under legislative rules, the chamber where a bill originated — in this case the Senate — must concur with any changes made in the bill by the other chamber. Otherwise, the Senate and House negotiate differences in a final version in the final days of the session.

Senate Bill 371 would make any clinic that dispenses a drug that causes an abortion — such as RU 486 — meet the same standards as a surgery.

Those standards include wider halls and doorways, recovery rooms, surgical and sterilization equipment and other restrictions.

All that “just to give a pill,” argued Rep. Sue Errington, a Muncie Democrat who formerly worked at Planned Parenthood of Indiana.

Planned Parenthood has said that the bill will apply to only one clinic in Indiana, in Lafayette. If it cannot make the building changes that the bill requires by Jan. 1, the clinic would no longer be able to prescribe the abortion drug at that clinic, though it would remain open for other health services for women.

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