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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ind. Law - "Indiana lawmakers restoring most of 'ag-gag' bill"

So reports the IndyStar's Mary Beth Schneider in this story filed at 4:30 PM. Certainly worth reading in full. A sample:

To pave the way for it to be voted upon, Republican legislative leaders have removed the Democratic conferees who balked at signing it.

That is a typical legislative move in the last hours of a legislative session, with the majority party removing minority party members who are standing in the way of a deal. It takes four signatures on a negotiated version — two from the House and two from the Senate, usually one from each party — for a bill to get the final votes it needs to go to the governor.

But Sen. Karen Tallian, the Portage Democrat who was removed from SB 373, accused Republicans of “dirty rotten kind of blackmail technique” to try to get her to approve the bill.

She said she had talked the penalty down to an infraction -- akin to a speeding ticket -- rather than a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to a year in jail.

“They came to me and said, ‘Make the choice. Either you sign it and it will stay an infraction with the Senate version or don’t sign it, and all this other stuff is going in,” Tallian said. “We agreed uanimously (in the Democratic caucus) that we weren’t buying this. It’s a bad bill and we’re not signing.”

This bill has drawn national attention and opposition from animal rights activists, labor unions and others who say it punishes those who are exposing wrongdoing and shielding those who should be punished. Supporters of the bill, including the Indiana Farm Bureau and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, say it protects private property rights and stops farms or factories from being maligned by edited videos, sometimes taken by people who had gotten jobs solely for that purpose.

Note that as of 5:35 PM the Action List does not indicate that Tallian has been removed.

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