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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - Still more on: New IU general counsel pulls Kinsey Institute app

Updating this ILB entry from Sept. 9, 2012, Shari Rudavsky reports today in the Indianapolis Star in a story that begins:

The Kinsey Reporter, a free app developed by the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing and the Kinsey Institute to allow people to report data about sexual behaviors, is back.

Last fall university officials decided to delay the launch of the project, worried about potential violations of privacy and protection of data.

Today the university announced it had re-released the app.

The project allows “citizen scientists” to share information on experiences, such as sexual activity, flirting, fetishes and birth control use. This information will be available to the public and researchers at the Kinsey Reporter website.

The monthslong review of the project led to only one change, according to an IU news release. Original plans had called for a time-delay when reports came from low-population areas to protect privacy.

Under the new version, the system will delay posting these reports until enough other reports from that same area come in to ensure no one’s privacy is compromised, IU officials said.

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