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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ind. Courts - More on: Suit claims "BMV Indiana overcharged millions of Hoosiers for driver's licenses" [Updated]

Updating this ILB entry from March 7th, Rafael Sanchez of WRTV 6 reports:

INDIANAPOLIS - In response to a class-action lawsuit that alleged the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles overcharged as many as 4 million Hoosiers since 2007, the BMV admitted in a May 15 filing "it may have inadvertently overcharged" drivers.
The story does not include a copy of the filing.

[Updated at 3:43 PM] Tim Evans has just posted a story to IndyStar.com. Some quotes:

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles admits it “may have inadvertently overcharged a number of Indiana citizens” for drivers’ licenses, according to a reply in a class action lawsuit pending in Marion Superior Court.

In an answer to the class-action complaint filed by Irwin Levin of the Indianapolis law firm Cohen & Malad, the BMV also “admits that overcharges may have affected a significant number of drivers.”

The response filed May 15 by the Indiana Attorney General said the “BMV is without sufficient information at this time to admit or deny the allegations regarding a systematic overcharge of Indiana drivers… .” * * *

"There is specific authority for how much they can charge and what they did instead was, apparently, just made up a number," Levin said in March. "They just disregarded it."

Drivers 75 and older obtain a different type of license, Levin said, and the suit does not challenge charges for those licenses.

Levin said he did not know how much Hoosiers were overcharged.

"The state is going to have to give us that," he said when filing the lawsuit. "But based on our calculations, the number could be as high as $30 or $40 million."

Drivers are charged $21 for a six-year license, $19.50 for a five-year license and $18 for a four-year license. The suit says the maximum the BMV is allowed to charge under Indiana law, however, is $15 for a six-year license, $13.50 for a five-year license and $14 for a four-year license.

[Updated at 4:05 PM] Here now is the State's answer to plaintiff's class action complaint (h/t ch. 13).

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