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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ind. Decisions - "Camp Wildwood Decision: More on: Justices Put Girl Scout Camp Back To Local Control"

Updating this May 16th ILB entry about the Supreme Court's decision in the case of Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois v. Vincennes Indiana Girls, Inc., where the decision ended a long fight between the Vincennes Girl Scouts and the Illinois-based Southern Illinois Girl Scout Council, which was trying to sell the Camp Wildwood, which is located in the City of Vincennes -- Today the Lafayette Journal Courier has a long story by Ryan J. Foley of the Associated Press about a nationwide movement to sell off Girl Scout camps. Some quotes from the start of the story:

IOWA CITY, IOWA — When it came time to draw up a budget, one of Iowa’s regional Girl Scout councils reviewed its programs and made a proposal that would have been unthinkable a generation ago: selling its last four summer camps. * * *

Nationwide, Girl Scout councils are confronting intense opposition as they sell camps that date back to the 1950s and earlier. Leaders say the properties have become a financial drain at a time when girls are less interested in camp. Defenders insist the camping experience shaped who they are and must be preserved for future generations.

“Those camps still belong to us, not just literally as members of the organization, but as people who feel like, ‘That’s part of my home life,’ ” Kinsey said. “When camps get closed, it’s devastating. I mean, heartbreaking. We adults can cry over it and do.”

Pro-camp activists have boycotted cookie drives, held overnight camp-ins outside council offices, filed legal actions and tried to elect sympathetic volunteers to governing boards.

The other side has responded with its own aggressive tactics. At public meetings, some Girl Scout councils have hired facilitators to tightly manage the agenda and security guards to watch over protesters. Others have used parliamentary tactics to call protesters out of order.

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