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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - "Floyd County auditor bond is at issue"

Grace Schneider of the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. Some quotes:

Floyd County leaders say unexpected concerns have been raised recently about arranging a surety performance bond for incoming interim Floyd County Auditor Scott Clark.

The county’s insurance agent, Kevin Paul, told Floyd officials last Thursday that an insurance carrier it uses to line up surety bonds indicated it would not issue a bond for Clark, who is scheduled to take office Monday, said Theresa Plaiss, a former Floyd County auditor who now works as an administrative assistant to Floyd operations director Don Lopp.

The reasons were not specified, but “something had come to their attention” in checking into Clark. Paul called to inform officials of the development and of the possibility that he’d need to find another carrier that sells high-risk policies, Plaiss said. * * *

Bonding is required under Indiana law for many city, town and county officials who handle money and tax funds, including auditors, treasurers, controllers, clerks, recorders, sheriffs and township trustees.

The law specifies that county auditors must be covered for no less than $30,000. The idea is that counties and taxpayers are protected in the event of a theft or mishandling, said Debbie Gibson, county office supervisor with the Indiana State Board of Accounts.

“I know that there have been more difficulties” lining up performance bonds for some officials around the state, Gibson said, adding that “the bond companies are being a little more careful” about whom they underwrite now. * * *

Clark, a Republican, was chosen by Floyd’s GOP precinct committeemen during an April 17 caucus to serve the unexpired term of current Floyd Auditor Darin Coddington.

Coddington announced in March that he would resign, effective this Friday, shortly after County Council leaders revealed that the state had not certified Floyd’s 2013 budget and that the county government may face a shortfall exceeding $2 million.

ILB: Readers may remember this complicated post last month from Posey County about the failure of County Treasurer(s) to secure a $300,000 bond.

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