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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - "Indiana’s bloated voter registration rolls, which officials say make elections more susceptible to fraud, will soon come under more scrutiny by the state"

That is the start of Maureen Hayden's (CNHI Statehouse Bureau chief) long story today in the New Albany News & Tribune. A few quotes:

The Indiana Secretary of State’s office will spend more than $2 million to purge the voter registration rolls in each of Indiana’s 92 counties, removing the names of voters who are dead, in prison or have moved away.

County election officials are responsible for keeping the voter rolls current, but the lack of money has caused some of them to fall behind. The result: In some counties, the number of people listed on the active voter rolls is higher than the number of voting-age people who live there. * * *

[Secretary of State Connie] Lawson is sensitive to the issue of election fraud and concerns about voters having confidence in the system. There have been several high-profile criminal cases over the last year involving people who’ve had significant influence over voter rolls and the election process.

In April, former Democratic campaign consultant Mike Marshall was sentenced to three counts of voter fraud in Jennings County related to charges that he tampered with absentee ballots. Also in April, a longtime Democratic Party county chairman, Butch Morgan, was found guilty of forging voters’ signatures on petitions to place Democratic candidates on the state primary ballot in 2008

And Lawson was appointed to her job , as Secretary of State, after her Republican predecessor, Charlie White, was convicted on voter fraud charges related to him using his old address to cast his vote, after moving someplace else.

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