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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - "Pence makes good on promise to oppose new regulations"

That is the headline to Lesley Weidenbener's Sunday column in the Louisville Courier Journal. It begins:

Gov. Mike Pence vetoed his first bills last week and it turns out the moves should have been fairly predictable.

He was looking for less regulation of occupational licenses — not more.

Pence axed bills that would have created licenses for diabetes educators, anesthesiologist assistants and dietitians. One of the bills also would have established a state certification for music therapists.

Lawmakers can override the vetoes with simple majority votes. That certainly seems like a possibility in these cases. The bill passed with overwhelming, bipartisan support in both chambers.

And there likely will be pressure for the lawmakers to do so. Professionals or specialists tend to have love-hate relationships with regulation. Many dislike the licensing fees, continuing education and other requirements that come with a state license but they appreciate the recognition that those bring — the idea that not everyone can do the job they’re doing.

That’s why it’s been so difficult over the years for lawmakers to reduce occupational licenses.

One bill Pence did sign, however, was HEA 1135, regulating midwives, which provides for 2-year certificates to be issued for a licensing board and contains many directives requiring the adoption of rules.

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