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Friday, June 21, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - What's this? Star reports: "Towing prices to remain same under new Indianapolis contract"

Updating this ILB entry from May 29th, quoting from Jon Murray's story: "Code Enforcement officials declined to release details such as Auto Return’s proposed pricing structure," we have all been waiting for the announcement of the pricing structure which would permit the Calif. company to "guarantee the city at least $1.5 million in revenue each year," without charging more for tows.

Yet the IndyStar story this morning by Kasia Hall reports:

Vehicle owners whose cars get towed will still pay $90 to get them back under the city’s new towing management contract, city officials announced Thursday.
However, WRTV6 reporter Jack Rinehart's story last night, with video, reported:
INDIANAPOLIS - Expectations are high as the California-based company AutoReturn will make its official debut July 1. * * *

Through the first year of the contract, the cost of redeeming a vehicle from the police impound lot will remain at $90.

In years two and three of the contract, the cost will jump to $110, and in the last two years of the contract, the cost will increase to $130.

ILB: In addition to the higher fees (it would be good to see the contract, especially re possible "add-ons" charges), the ILB anticipates the sheer number of tows to increase markedly.

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