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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Ind. Courts - "Clinton County Courthouse exterior getting makeover"

Justin L. Mack reported July 4th in the Lafayette Journal Courier in a long, interesting story that begins:

FRANKFORT — What began as a job to patch bullet holes littering the Clinton County Courthousehas evolved into a full overhaul of the building’s aging exterior.

Last fall, maintenance crews working in the courthouse discovered dozens of bullets holes in the clock face, the metal dome and one of the four statues perched atop the structure.

The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office investigated the case, but ultimately no arrests for the vandalism were made and the origin of the gunshots remains unknown.

As the Clinton County Commissioners went through the process of dealing with the insurance company to get the damage repaired, it was decided to expand the scope of the job to give the courthouse some much needed TLC.

“We figured that since the contractor was going to be here, we just went ahead and had them come from the top and go ahead and refurbish the exterior,” said Commissioner Skip Evans. “We wanted to start on this last fall, but we didn’t have much luck with the weather. With the bullet holes, you could see light shining through the courthouse dome.”

Evans said the job will cost about $74,000 with the insurance company covering about $35,000.

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