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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ind. Courts - "Showdown between Delaware County judges, council settled"

From the Muncie Star-Press, this story by Roysdon and Walker reporting the "long-running financial dispute between Delaware County Council and local judges is over." More:

Officials told The Star Press on Tuesday that the legal action — sparked in January 2012 when a majority of the county’s circuit court judges asked for control of their own $1.8 million court system budget — has been settled.

A final vote by Delaware County Council — and payment of about $22,500 from council to the court budget — must still occur.

“We reached a settlement yesterday,” council President Kevin Nemyer told The Star Press on Tuesday. “We agreed to give them a small amount of money. Our attorneys had given us an estimate of several hundred thousand dollars in legal fees for both sides. Council thought it was best to settle out of court for a much smaller amount than that.”

Council member Rick Spangler noted the fiscal body hadn’t voted on the settlement yet.

“It was a divided council and it wasn’t split along party lines,” said Spangler, part of the Republican minority. “But the feeling of council was it’s the best we’re going to do and it’s the best for everybody.”

Delaware Circuit Court 5 Judge Thomas Cannon Jr., presiding judge in the county court system, acknowledged Tuesday that officials had “reached a settlement that is being reduced to writing.”

“I think we’re all glad we could reach a resolution,” Cannon said of his fellow judges. He also said the judges “never want to exercise the mandate authority.”

There is more to the story.

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