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Monday, August 19, 2013

Ind. Courts - "Experts expect a different outcome as third David Camm retrial starts in Boone County"

Grace Schneider had a long story in the Sunday Louisville Courier Journal - some quotes:

David Camm has been twice tried — and twice convicted — in the murders of his wife and children in a gruesome case that is now 14 years old.

But criminal law experts predict that when Camm’s third trial ends this fall, he will walk away a free man.

That’s because, they predict, prosecutors will struggle to explain a motive — after their previous efforts were thrown out in appeals of his previous convictions — and why Camm, a former Indiana state trooper, should be convicted even though another man, Charles Boney, is in prison for the murders.

Plus, blood spatter and forensics experts could paint a confusing picture for jurors about a crucial part of the prosecution’s case: how tiny dots of blood got on Camm’s T-shirt.

“The odds look much better for the defense this time,” said Kent Wicker, a former federal prosecutor and defense lawyer in Louisville. “Having been reversed twice, the state isn’t likely to have much motive evidence left.”

Steve Romines, a Louisville defense lawyer who has followed the case closely, agreed that the prosecution now has fewer weapons because of the overturned convictions.

“There’s so little evidence that indicates (Camm is) guilty,” so the prosecution faces “an uphill battle,” Romines said. * * *

He is being tried this time in Boone County, northwest of Indianapolis, where Special Judge Jonathan Dartt moved the proceedings to ensure a fair trial. Jury selection began last week, and opening arguments are expected to start this week.

“This may be the biggest case in the history of Floyd County,” said Stephen Beardsley, a New Albany defense lawyer.

It’s certainly the most expensive. Costs for all the trials, including Boney’s, have reached a total of nearly $4 million, with $639,000 paid this year and bills still rolling in, according to Floyd County records.

With the county’s reserves drying up, the Floyd County Council last week discussed getting a bank loan or borrowing from a bridge and road repair fund to pay the final bills from the third trial.

Floyd Councilman Brad Striegel said county taxpayers have taken a big hit. “It’s unfortunate we find ourselves obligated to pay,” and it’s squeezed money for fixing roads and bridges and employees raises.

In addition to the story, the LCJ has a comprehensive timeline of key dates in the David Camm case.

Here is a long list of earlier ILB entries on David Camm.

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