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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ind. Courts - " Indiana investigator grilled on David Camm crime scene"

Here is Grace Schneider's long final wrap-up for the Louisville Courier-Journal of Friday's proceeding in the David Camm murder trial. It begins:

LEBANON, IND. — An Indiana crime technician testified Tuesday that he decided shortly after viewing the crime scene that former Indiana state trooper David Camm must have played a role in the murders of his wife and two children 13 years ago.

The scene didn’t match with a robbery or sexual assault gone awry, Jim Niemeyer, a now-retired state police technician, testified in court Friday.

Niemeyer said during a cross-examination by Camm’s defense lawyer, Stacy Uliana, that he’d assumed that if Camm’s wife, Kim Camm, encountered a stranger inside the garage when she’d come home, she would have quickly shifted her vehicle into reverse and sped off.

Instead, he said, his opinion was that Kim Camm had driven into the garage and found someone she was familiar with — her husband — so she felt no need to leave. Although it wasn’t clear to him when he first looked at the crime scene why someone would shoot her, Niemeyer said that he believed “the children were killed because they were witnesses.”

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