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Friday, August 02, 2013

Ind. Courts - Jury selection in 3rd David Camm trial to begin Aug. 12

Grace Schneider of the Louisville Courier Journal has a story today headed "Charles Boney's DNA found on key items in David Camm murder case, expert says at hearing." The story begins:

ROCKPORT, IND. — An expert hired by David Camm’s defense team testified Thursday during a pretrial hearing that recent lab tests found the DNA of convict Charles Boney on several key items found at the triple-murder scene.

Richard Eikelenboom, who owns Independent Forensic Services, said that Boney’s DNA was found near the cuff of Kimberly Camm's shirt, on the stomach area of the shirt worn by 5-year-old Jill Camm, Kimberly and David Camm’s daughter, and on two places on Kim Camm’s underwear.

The new evidence aids the defense team’s argument that Boney killed Kimberly, Jill and 7-year-old Bradley Camm.

The prosecution countered with its own expert — Carl Sobieralski, the Indiana State Police DNA supervisor — who testified that the results weren’t reliable because Eikelenboom’s lab in the United States isn’t accredited and he didn’t follow several accepted protocols in processing the evidence.

Special Judge Jon Dartt is expected to hear more testimony Friday morning and eventually rule on whether the evidence, often referred to as “touch” or “contact” DNA, can be allowed during the trial set to begin next month.

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