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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Ind. Courts - "LaGrange Co Commissioners hear of need for courthouse repair"

From the WTHD 105.5 website, this August 6th item:

LAGRANGE - LaGrange County Commissioners heard some cost estimates on repairs to the exterior of the historic county courthouse this morning.

Maintenance Supervisor Gary Mast told commissioners he’s talked with the Iowa company that did restoration work on the Noble County Courthouse recently. Their inspection of the LaGrange Courthouse revealed more than 300 defective bricks, crumbling window sills, and damaged stones.

Mast said evidence pointing to the need for a renovation project is literally falling from the sky. "It's kind of a liability issue in my opinion. I've already found cement that big around actually fallen off the courthouse. In fact, I was standing outside by where the handicap ramp is and there was two pieces right there that fell while I was standing there. Luckily no on was around but me."

Mast said the work identified by the company would cost an estimated $120,331. But the need doesn’t end there. Flashing around the building’s four cupolas has deteriorated, causing a problem in one courtroom.

"The flashing around all the cupolas are rotted. They're just totally gone. And on the southeast corner cupola we've got leakage problem. It's still leaking in the (circuit) courtroom there. On a day that it was raining really hard I crawled up there on my hands and knees and could see where the water was coming in in the attic. You could actually see daylight."

Mast also wants to replace the large single boiler in the courthouse with two smaller and more efficient units. Industrial Piping & Maintenance of Sturgis had the lowest estimate at $23,500 but because the quotes were from the fourth quarter of last year the commissioners asked Mast to get updated quotes and report back in two weeks.

Replacing 60 windows in the courthouse could cost another $46,000.

The commissioners want to firm up the quotes and see if they exceed the threshold requiring open bids. They suggested Mast include the expected costs in his 2014 budget when he goes before county council later this month.

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