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Monday, August 05, 2013

Ind. Courts - Nominations open for the 2nd District attorney member of the Judicial Nominating Commission

Three years ago today the ILB posted a similarly-headed entry. It began (with updates):

Today This weekend I, along with all the other members of the Indiana bar in the 2nd Judicial District who are in good standing, received this "Notice of Election" from the Clerk of the Indiana Courts.

Essentially it says that nominations are now open for the attorney member who will represent the 2nd District on the Commission for the next three years. Nominations, including a petition signed by 30 attorneys who reside in the 2nd Judicial District, are due by Sept. 10, 2010 19, 2013.

Here is the current mailing.

By now, Indiana lawyers who follow the ILB are well-aware of how important this little-known position is. The current 2nd District attorney-commissioner has participated in the selection of two Supreme Court justices and one Court of Appeals judge.

Sometime during the three-year 2nd District attorney-commissioner's term beginning Jan. 1, 2014, Chief Justice Dickson will step down. (See this May 16, 2012 story by Niki Kelly of the FWJG.) So a new justice will need to be nominated by the Commission, and the Commission will need to select a new Chief Justice. There may be vacancies on the Court of Appeals, resulting from the mandatory retire-at-75 provision. And there could be unanticipated retirements from either Court. In addition, the JNC serves as the Judicial Qualifications Commission, which means that the Commission also investigates and prosecutes disciplinary complaints against judges.

Three years ago, there was quite a spirited race for the 2nd District attorney-commissioner position, but as happens nearly always, the position was secured by a member of the civil plaintiff’s bar, who sent mass mailings such as this.

The ILB will be posting again on this upcoming race. For now, see this Sept. 28, 2010 ILB post, which includes a table of the attorney members of the JNC from 1972 to 2011. The shaded names are repeats (you cannot immediately succeed yourself). Note: There have been more repeats since the chart was completed in 2011.

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