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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - "Indiana voting rules, poll changes are criticized"

From Charles Wilson of the AP, this Aug. 30th story - some quotes:

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana’s complicated voting regulations and switching of polling locations frustrate voters and keep them away from ballot boxes, in what some see as an effort to suppress the vote, officials and voting rights advocates told a legislative panel Thursday.

Indianapolis radio personality Amos Brown and Trent Deckard, Democratic co-director of the Indiana Election Division, told the Census Data Advisory Committee that unexplained relocation of polling places and 52 pages of changes approved since 2012 cause voters, especially minorities, to lose faith in the system.

Brown, who is well-known for advocating on behalf of African Americans, said his polling place, which had been at a local church within walking distance for 20 years, was suddenly switched to a golf course across the White River that could be reached only by car because there weren’t any sidewalks.

“We have seen, in Marion County, instances where polling locations were just changed willy-nilly,” Brown said.

The minutes are not yet available, but here is the agenda for the August 29th meeting.

ILB: The same thing happened to me. My polling place has been within two blocks for 35 years, suddenly it is far away on East 10th Street, skipping across adjoining neighborhoods like Lockerbie that kept their polling places.

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