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Friday, October 11, 2013

Ind. Courts - "Longtime Faculty Member Diane Wood is New Chief Judge of Seventh Circuit "

That is the heading to this University of Chicago Law School Alumni Magazine article by Meredith Heagney. The long article begins:

It may sound like an unusual compliment, but many who know Judge Diane Wood have been compelled to utter it: she’s the kind of person it’s OK to disagree with. She won’t often abandon her point of view, but she’ll listen with respect and consideration to yours. And you can stay colleagues and even friends during and after your debate.

That quality—of being able to disagree without being disagreeable—is one of Wood’s many attributes that are likely to serve her well in her new role as Chief Judge of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. It’s also, Wood pointed out, a quintessential Law School value that has been exported to the Seventh Circuit.

Wood, an 18-year veteran of the court, succeeds Judge Frank Easterbrook and Judge Richard Posner, both of whom served as Chief Judge in the last 20 years. All three are Senior Lecturers in Law and former professors at the Law School.

[h/t, How Appealing]

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