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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - Likely much too soon to gloat and ruffle feathers?

Erika Smith's column today in the Indianapolis Star is headed "Indiana's gay marriage fight is already settled." A few quotes:

After what happened here and in New Jersey this week, I’m convinced that Indiana has waited so long to come out in a big way against same-sex marriage that it’s no longer popular to do so. More than that, it’s no longer realistic. * * *

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a pair of important, if legally muddled, rulings on the matter in June, more and more gay and bisexual Hoosiers are deciding to take that final legal leap with the person they love.

They’re setting dates, hiring bands and photographers, sending out fancy wedding invitations, and picking out suits and white gowns. They’re having receptions, celebrating with friends and family, and uploading pictures to Facebook.

Sure, they’re driving to Iowa or New York, or flying to California or Washington to do all of this. Those are some of the states where gay marriage is legal. But they’re coming back to Indiana as legally married couples in the eyes of the federal government. So, for the first time ever, they’re figuring out how to file their federal taxes jointly like any other married couple.

This is happening now. All over Indiana. In cities and in small towns. * * *

So go ahead and try to pass the amendment if you want. Go ahead and push our lawmakers to spend time and tax dollars debating this issue when they could be talking about ways to create jobs and improve education.

Go ahead and try, but it won’t matter. Because you’ve already lost.

There indeed has been a great deal of good news lately for supporters of marriage equality. With Connecticut, 14 states now recognize, by law or court decision, marriage equality.

But also in the news yesterday:

There is no predicting right now how any of there stories will turn out.

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