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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - HJR 6 and the fate of efforts to revise it in 2011

Reporter Lesley Weidenbener @LWeidenbener has just tweeted:

#INlegis Sen Pres Pro Tem Long says if he could rewrite marriage amendment, he'd leave out 2nd sentence.
‏@indyJonMurray tweets:
Sen Prez Long says he's troubled by 2nd sentence of #HJR 6. But doesn't support revising it. His kids have lobbied hard.
Which caused the ILB to look back to 2011, when HJR 6 passed both houses for the first time. In this post from March 28, 2011:
And a loud demonstration is going on, with demonstrators chanting "Jobs, not hate."

President Pro Temp Long has ordered the gallery cleared and the doors of the Senate gallery locked.

Senator Lanane offers Amendment #1 to HJR 6, to remove the second sentence of the proposed constitutional amendment. He also offered this amendment in Senate committee, where it failed on a party line vote.

Also this post from March 29, 2011, which is worth reading in full.

Also of interest, this post from March 23, 2011.

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