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Friday, November 01, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - Looking for historical documents for the 1970 amendment to Art. 7 of the Indiana Constitution

The Debates and Journal of our 1851 Indiana Constitution are available online. Also available are the four volumes titled "Constitution Making in Indiana." But they end with the fourth volume of source books of constitutional documents, which covers 1930-1960.

Much like the complete history of the deliberations of the Indiana Statute Revision Commission, covering the course of its existence - 1969-1970, which led to the passage of the Indiana Code of 1971, that I made available through the ILB a few years ago, I am now endeavoring to put together online the history of Article 7 of the Indiana Constitution, which was ratified by the voters on Nov. 3, 1970.

With the help of the great Supreme Court librarians, I am now working with electronic copies of the 175-page 1966 Report of the Judicial Study Commission, which is one is the key document. (Hermann Wells was the Chair.)

And the 1967-68 Report, also essential history. And 72-73 and 74.

We are missing the period 69-71. I do have the Report of the Constitutional Revision Commission from 1969 (yellow booklet), it is marked as "Vol. I". At p. 28, it says "Because the report of the Judicial Study Commission (published separately) covers the proposed new judicial article ...). So there must be one more booklet. Maybe it is titled Vol. II of the Constitutional Revision Commission report.

There may be old guys out there (my contemporaries) who can help provide documents that could enhance this project? Someone may even have leads to minutes and memoranda.

Here is the title page of the 1966 Report of the Judicial Study Commission.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on November 1, 2013 11:40 AM
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