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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Environment - "Producers should remember manure application rules"

A story in AgriNews Saturday began:

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — The arrival of cold weather, snow and ice means Indiana’s livestock producers need to remember that applying manure to farm fields during the winter is regulated by the state.

Frozen ground during the winter months can make manure application a more risky endeavor, said Tamilee Nennich, Purdue Extension nutrient management specialist.

“There’s potentially an increased risk for nutrient runoff in winter,” she said. “Ideally, manure nutrients should be incorporated into the soil to ensure they make contact with the soil, which may not happen if manure is applied on frozen or snow-covered ground.”

Because of the runoff risk, the state of Indiana regulates when producers with permits for concentrated animal feeding operations and confined feeding operations can apply nutrients. Manure from CAFOs or CFOs cannot be applied to frozen or snow-covered ground.

The only exception is for emergency situations, such as extreme weather events. Producers facing an emergency must contact the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to seek a temporary exemption before applying manure.

“I want to remind producers that exceptions are only for emergency situations - not for standard operating purposes,” Nennich said.

Another important rule for livestock producers to be aware of is the Indiana Fertilizer Material Use rule, which went into effect in February 2013.

“This rule is very important because it applies to any producers applying manure during winter — not just large operations,” Nennich said.

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