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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ind. Courts - "It's official, Indiana courts grant doll adoptions"

That is the headline to this Dec. 28th story in the Louisville Courier Journal, reported by Jenna Esarey. Some quotes:

Makenzie Steed stood before the bench Saturday in Clark Circuit Court No. 4 as Judge Vicki Carmichael granted her petition to adopt Phoebe.

But this was no ordinary adoption. Makenzie is 8, and Phoebe is a doll.

“Will you love her for always?” Carmichael asked.

Makenzie solemnly pledged to do so, hugging Phoebe tightly to her chest.

Makenzie was just one of the children who made the trip to the seventh annual Adopt A Doll event in Clark County Circuit Court No. 4 in Jeffersonville Saturday. * * *

Carmichael and her staff of four court recorders donate their time to open up the court for the adoptions.

“We do it as a community service,” Carmichael said. “We can show kids that courtrooms aren’t scary places.”

Clark County Circuit Court No. 4 handles a variety of cases on a daily basis, ranging from major felonies to actual adoptions.

Some of her least favorite cases involve abused children.

“It’s heart breaking to have to terminate parental rights,” she said. “Then we do adoptions. Those are always the fun ones.”

Each year at least one child comes through the Adopt A Doll event who has been adopted. “They seem to really understand the significance,” Carmichael said.

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