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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ind. Decisions - "Student’s battle with IHSAA drags on for 22 years"

Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. v. Gregory S. Schafer and Shane Schafer b/n/f Gregory S. Schafer, decided by a Court of Appeals panel on Dec. 17th (ILB summary here) was the subject of this long story Dec. 23rd in the Indianapolis Star, reported by Tim Evans. A quote:

Timothy S. Schafer [Shane's attorney and uncle] said the family always believed the IHSAA was more intent on punishing Schafer and his family for challenging its authority — and in sending an ominous warning to others — than it was in fostering fair play.

“They wanted to make it clear,” he said, “that if you challenge the almighty IHSAA, you will pay the price.”

In an order issued more than 15 years after the family first filed its lawsuit, the Court of Appeals seemed to agree.

“We share the trial court’s concern that the IHSAA may have been motivated to run up fees and expenses during the course of this litigation ... to send a message to parents and student athletes in Indiana about the great risk and expense involved in challenging a ruling, and thus discouraging them from appealing a denial of eligibility,” the the court said.

See also the Dec. 18th story by Dan Carden of the NWI Times.

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