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Monday, December 16, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - More on "Union County Republican caucus turns down only prosecutor candidate"

Updating this ILB post from Nov. 29th, Pam Tharp reports today in the Richmond Palladium-Item in a story that begins:

LIBERTY, IND. — Acting Union County Prosecutor Kathy Kolger may continue in her position until the office’s current term ends in 2014, according to the Indiana Secretary of State’s office.

Union County Republicans also could try again to fill the office, after failing to do so at a caucus in November, SOS spokesperson Valerie Kroeger said.

There is no time limit on the Republican caucus, nor is there a time limit for an acting prosecutor, Kroeger said.

“The Republican caucus still has the right to make an appointment to fill the position,” Kroeger said.

At a party caucus on Nov. 20, Republicans rejected Kolger, the only candidate to file for the appointment. Kolger was defeated on a 4-3 vote, caucus members said.

Union County Republican Party Chairman Alan Alcorn said Thursday he won’t call a caucus until the Indiana Attorney General’s Office issues an opinion on Republican Party rules.

More from the story:
Kolger, who has lived in Richmond, registered to vote in Union County and rented housing to establish her residence here. She’s served as chief deputy prosecutor here for 15 years and was named acting prosecutor following the retirement in October of former prosecutor Ronald Jordan.

Kolger could have stepped down from the job after the caucus, but she said she decided to continue because the citizens of the county deserve to have someone in the office.

Longtime Republican Party member Patricia Gentry, a former county chairwoman, said she was very disappointed in the caucus’ decision not to appoint Kolger for a year. Gentry said she’s heard nothing from the party about any future caucuses.

“It’s just been devastating. I’ve just been sick over it,” Gentry said. “We should just have appointed her to fill out the term and then let the voters decide. She knows the county. I just appreciate she came back and went to work. It puts the county and the party in a very bad light.”

Republican precinct committeewoman Cheryl Faber also was disappointed in the caucus’ decision.

“I felt we had no other option but to appoint Kathy,” Faber said. “We can’t leave an elected position vacant. It put the county in a bad position.”

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