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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Ind. Gov't. - Some additions to the Indiana Constitution: Documentary History, and a Request [Updated]

Some additions to the new ILB feature, "INDIANA CONSTITUTIONAL REVISION IN THE 1960s and 70s, A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY."

First, I've created a new blog category, "Indiana Const. Revision," so that one may easily locate a list of all the posts on the topic.

Second, I've added a quick link to the Indiana Constitutional Documentary History in the right-hand column, near the bottom, below "Indiana Constitution 2010."

Next, thanks to Laura Bartlett, longtime House Journal Clerk, who staffed the Constitutional Revision Commission from 1969-1972, I've been able to add Gov. Whitcomb's veto message, mentioned under "Interim Committee Report of the Constitutional Revision Commission, 1970." I've included details of how she found it for future researchers:

Marcia, I found the veto message, quite by accident, I admit. I was looking at 1971 roll calls and noticed that most did not tell what type of action (3rd reading, amendment) the roll call was on. I paged back a bit and there were votes on the 1969 vetoes (with the action typed on manually). The veto message (page 116 of the Journal) just says that the legislature did not provide funding so the Governor vetoed the 1969 act. The veto was sustained by a vote of 1-94, presumably because the Council had already re-created the Commission under its own powers rather than a separate statute. FYI, those old journals have a miscellaneous index (at the very back of the volume) which cover unusual things like vetoes from a prior session. I've scanned page 116, the roll call, and the page of the miscellaneous index containing veto messages.
The Supreme Court librarians have made copies of some of the State Library index cards for “veto” and “Constitution” which are a resource for locating old newspaper articles and might be useful for a future project. Did you know, for example, that Gov. Whitcomb vetoed 58 bills in 1969, "topping known records"?

They also copied from the microfilm one article, “1st meeting in nearly two years was held of the Constitutional Revision Commission” written by Hortense Meyers for the Indianapolis News, 3/14/72, p. 15. It can't be OCRed, but it is readable, and is fascinating. At some point I will transcribe it.

Finally, the request. The first item listed under the 1966 Report of the Judicial Study Commission is:

The 1965 General Assembly voted for the statute creating the Commission by an overwhelming majority. After a six-month delay caused by litigation, the Commission began work on December 9, 1965.
Can anyone help with finding out more about this litigation?

[Updated] The ILB now has details on "the Kriner case," and hopes to write them up this weekend.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on December 5, 2013 02:05 PM
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