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Friday, January 17, 2014

About the ILB - think about using Twitter, if you don't already

Do you follow the ILB on Twitter, in addition to the blog itself? If not, you may be missing out on some good information.

A few years ago (actually 9 years ago), the ILB first posted an entry titled "How to Read a Blog." It is still useful today.

But today the ILB also uses Twitter, tweeting and linking to every new ILB post. For those of you familiar with RSS feeds, this serves as a similar tool.

The ILB also follows a number of other lawyers and reporters (currently 118), and "retweets" the tweets that I feel may be of interest to ILB readers. Because of this, the Twitter ILB combined with the Blog ILB can provide a richer variety for the reader. Take a look for yourself, here, by scrolling down the long list of recent ILB tweets (12,610 right now).

The ones with the ILB logo are my tweets, the ones with another logo are others' tweets I felt may of interest to ILB readers.

The ILB tries very hard not to overload you with tweets and to stick to the central focus of the ILB: Indiana law and government, and other information that may impact Indiana law and government.

The Twitter ILB does not replace the Blog ILB, of course, but supplements it.

If you decide to join Twitter, there is no requirement that you yourself tweet. You can elect to simply use it as a tool to keep track of whatever you are interested in.

There is no requirement that you follow a number of other twitters, for starts you can choose to follow just @indianalawblog, for instance. I'd suggest also following @SCOTUSblog.

The Oct. 23, 2013 NY Times has a good introductory article on Twitter, by Hanna Ingber, headed "Twitter Illiterate? Mastering the @BC’s."

One of its most useful suggestions:
ORGANIZE YOUR FEED One of the best ways to organize the madness that can become Twitter is by using the platform’s lists tool. Create different lists based on your interests and then add people to them. At 9 a.m., when you want the news, you can pull up your media list and see what your favorite news services and journalists are tweeting. At 5 p.m. on a Friday, pull up your entertainment list to get weekend plans.
Other useful resources are Twitter's "Getting started with Twitter" and the Twitter signup page. Also WikiHOW's "How to use Twitter." More advanced (but sometimes dated), Mashable's "Twitter Guide Book – How To, Tips and Instructions by Mashable."

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