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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Courts - More on "‘Judge Judy’ is behind a new courtroom TV drama, ‘Hot Bench’"

Supplementing this ILB post from Jan. 24th, see this post at the WSJ Law Blog by Joe Palazzolo. It begins:

Judith Sheindlin, better known as “Judge Judy,” is launching her own show, and she’s recruited a popular judge from New York to star in it.

The name of the show is “Hot Bench.”

Patricia DiMango, Brooklyn Supreme Court’s administrative judge for criminal matters, is already known for her made-for-television remarks in court. (“What else do you want?” she once reportedly told a defendant, after he was offered a plea deal. “We’re not sending you to the Bahamas with your attorney.”)

Judge DiMango, known for her efficiency, earned acclaim last year after taking a shift in the Bronx, to help with the borough’s case backlog. She reportedly put to bed more than 500 cases in six months.

The post links to an entertaining July 29, 2013 story in the NYT about NY Justice Patricia DiMango that I remember reading at the time. A sample:
So go the negotiations in the courtroom of Patricia DiMango, a straight-talking State Supreme Court justice brought in to the Bronx from Brooklyn to do what she does best — put old cases to rest.

Since arriving in January, Justice DiMango has been an anomaly in the Bronx courts, where she is charged with clearing a backlog of felony cases that had swelled to crisis proportions. Her brash style and forceful personality, not to mention her relentless efficiency, have set her apart in a courthouse infamous for inaction.

In six months, she has churned through more than 500 cases, slashing by 40 percent the backlog of those over two years old, and leading senior court officials to declare a partial victory after years of failed efforts.

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